Action Art

Action art is an overarching term for different currents of art from the middle of the 20th century onwards. With action art, the concept of art experiences a new expansion with the aim of overcoming the boundaries between art and life, as well as the different genres, and bringing forth a new identity of artistic creation. Happening and performance are the two fundamental forms of expression of action art.

tomorrow | K Auction
Paik NamJune
Lot 30 무제 (Orwell, oh Well its' only 1983)
lithograph, caryon

€ 2,100 - 3,500
2 days | Bruun Rasmussen Kunstauktioner A/S
Asger Jorn
Lot 652 “Vive la revolution pasioné”, 1968, Paris
Lithograph in colours

€ 800 - 1,100
2 days | Dorotheum
Günter Brus
Lot 194-027765/0016 Ausstellungsplakat: Günter Brus. Vienna Action
Graphik auf glattem Papier

ab € 90
2 days | Dorotheum
Hermann Nitsch
Lot 194-027188/0015 A) Das Orgien Mysterien Theater , 1998
Galerie am Stein

ab € 150
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Art auctions - from all over the world
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